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Party Photo Booths

Party photo booths enhance any party whatever the occasion. We have transformed birthdays, anniversarys and christmas parties by the host hiring a party photo booth. The belly laughs, noise, and banter that can be heard coming from your photo booth will give you an idea of just how effective party photo booths are. We only ever get good feedback on our photo booths, people have even said it was the best thing at the party.

Photoboothmania provide a booth attendant (booth butler) for your booth, to ensure all your party guests know how the booth works. The setup and takedown is included when you hire a photo booth for your party. Also included is an accessories box, that contains hats, masks, glasses etc. to really liven up the photographs. With the choice of colour or black and white photos, you can capture any moment perfectly. You can also choose to print off two copies of each photo, one for the guest and one for the host to savour the party with.

Based in Milton Keynes, PhotoboothMania cover the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, for photo booths at your party. Get involved and book your party photo booth from PhotoboothMania.

Greenscreen / Videobooth Option

A greenscreen backdrop option for your party photo booth is also available to create custom backdrops to your photos. We are able to put an image on the background so it can look like you are in the Bahamas or in New York or even underwater for example, you choose!

A videobooth option is also available where your guests can record custom video messages for the party host. You will then get a DVD with all the messages on for viewing after the party.